Our Mission

Is to provide a free and specialized education along with life and occupational skills to students with multiple and severe
disabilities. We serve students in and around the Pasiansi neighborhood of Mwanza, Tanzania, aged 6-14, both in the school and in the home.

Our Goals

— To provide a free and appropriate education to children with disabilities living in Pasiansi and the surrounding area.
— To educate these children, aged 6-14, in their neighborhood.
— To foster the independent living skills of students with disabilities through physical therapy, language development, and work skills training.
— To help parents procure medical treatment and social services for children, as well as to band together to advocate for their children.
— To enhance the advocacy skills of parents of children with disabilities.
— To train teachers of students with disabilities, especially those with multiple and severe disabilities.
— To promote the rights of children with disabilities by consulting with all levels of government in Tanzania.

Huruma Special Education Unit

A neighborhood school for children with disabilities in Mwanza, Tanzania, East Africa, provides a free and appropriate education to over 40 students with a variety of disabilities.

Without Huruma the majority of these students would not only have any opportunity for education, they would be isolated from their peers.

They would be denied their right to make valuable contributions to their society. At Huruma we believe that all children have a right to develop their full potential and to regard themselves as valuable citizens.