June 2021

A heartfelt thank you to all who helped make our virtual Taste of Tanzania 2021 wonderfully successful.  Though we are not able to meet all of Huruma’s requests for 2021-22, we are able to increase our bimonthly support slightly.  It is not too late to contribute.

Here are some of the items our grant is unable to cover:

$ 435.00 toward daily transportation of students to and from school

$ 434.00 Uniforms

$ 400.00  A pair of school shoes for each of 76 students.

$ 100.00 for each of 5 special activities:  Huruma Day, International Day of the Disabled, Graduation celebration, Special Olympics, and Day of the African Child.

Maintenance: $150.00 for repair or replacement of worn shutters; $200.00 for floor resurfacing of one classroom; $300.00 for roofing repairs; $150.00 for replacement of water soaked ceiling tiles; $200.00 for chair and table repairs/replacements.

Every year since 1991 Tanzanians celebrate the Day of the African Child.  The African Union uses this day “to celebrate children as well as to inspire a sober reflection and action towards addressing the plethora of challenges that children in Africa face on a daily basis.”  This years theme is “Accelerate the implementation of Agenda 2040 for an Africa fit for children.”  This Agenda has 10 specific goals.  In 2009 Tanzania focused on Goal 3 “The registration of every child’s birth and other vital statistics.”  At Huruma we helped our families acquire this documentation for all our students.  The lack of birth certificates, which up to that time no one had, led to legal problems, bribery, and corruption. 

Since its beginnings Huruma has focused on Goal 5 “Every child grows up well-nourished and with access to the necessities of life” and Goal 6: “Every child benefits fully from quality education.”   

So Huruma has never turned away a child because the family was unable to pay a fee or purchase school shoes or uniform.  Every child receives a daily meal, snack and clean water.  Students have access to clean toilets and toileting assistance if needed.

Students are prepared for inclusion in the regular classroom as quickly as possible. We are pleased to see many hearing impaired students studying with regular students in grades 4-7.  All Huruma students have daily PE with activities suited to their capabilities. As evidenced in the photo above, teachers adapt the instructional activities and pace to  each child’s IEP goals.  Physical therapy. wheelchairs, braces, hearing aides are provided as appropriate.

A 10 year old student with autism, Ibrahim has been at Huruma for 3 years.  At entry, he preferred to isolate from others rather than joining in.  Cooperation was very difficult for him.  Initially Ibrahim could not respond to teachers or other students.  After 3 years of patient encouragement, he now responds well.  Besides being talented at making beads, flowers, simple bracelets and necklaces, Ibrahim now cuts fabric with a scissors to make dice.  Most Huruma students have never used scissors because their families don’t have them unless mother is a seamstress, but they can all use a razor blade to cut their toenails.  Similarly, families don’t have a hammer or screwdriver unless father is a carpenter.

We take so much for granted.  

This is semester break in Tanzania.  Classes will resume  early in July.

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