October 2021

As most American children have now settled into a new school year, Huruma students are nearing the end of their school year. Seventh grade students took mock exams in September and will take graduation exams in November. These exams determine the quality of the secondary school they will be invited to join. Fourth graders who have been in an inclusion classroom are taking statewide exams this month. These used to determine whether the child was allowed to continue to complete an elementary education.

As we in Oregon begin our rainy season, Tanzania also enters the rainy season. These rains relieve the need to carry water for the garden meaning it’s time to plant crops that need abundant water like corn. They also fill the very large rainwater collection tanks filled by run-off from the roof.

Huruma now has electricity to replace the generator we used to move water inside for restroom use from the larger rainwater collection tank outside.

Tanzania has no winter season, but the rains bring cooler weather. So you see teachers and students wearing sweaters and jackets. There is no heat in the school just as there is no heat in their homes. Temperatures never drop below 60 degrees.

How can you help?

  1. Become a sustainer by making a regular donation. (This is our lifeblood.) You choose the amount and frequency: monthly, biannually or annually.
  1. Hold a yard sale or a bake sale or a bottle drive at your local church, organization, youth group or neighborhood. Send the proceeds to Huruma Chapter KILEO.
  1. If your local grocery store or department store collects change for community projects, ask them to add Huruma to their list of recipients.
  1. Ask a local restaurant to designate one day a month when they will contribute 10% of each meal price to Huruma. Then encourage all your friends and acquaintances to eat there that day.
  2. Join me on a trip to Tanzania. I really shouldn’t be traveling alone anymore.
  3. Volunteer to maintain Huruma’s facebook page.
  4. Include Huruma in your will.

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