January 2022

Dear Friends of Huruma,

To share with you the good news of Huruma this month I will primarily quote from the end of the year report of Mr. Toto, Director of Huruma Special Unit.  Huruma began its new school year 17 January 2022. 

Mr Toto says: “It is a great to be writing to you and let you know how Huruma is doing to date, and what activities we performed year 2021. Before all, we are grateful for your support. Your support is crucial because teachers and all staff of Huruma continued providing training to handicapped children simply because Huruma paid their salary every month from January to date on time.

May you NOT lose hope to support Huruma, we promise to continue serving handicapped children with all our heart, to provide quality education they deserve.

Achieved Areas /successes 

This year 2021 again, we managed to conduct inclusive class together with neighbor school Pasiansi for grade III, grade IV and grade VI. Grade 4 had national examination in October and we are waiting for their results, which will be out soon December. Normally when students gets into grade four they must seat for national exam that determine their capability to continue with grade five, six and seven or to repeat grade four in case they score below average.

C:\Users\HURUMA SU\Desktop\teachers.JPG

Inclusive class grade III have 1 student, in grade IV (right) there four students and grade five there are seven students from Huruma. We are proud that our students have been doing well in their inclusion classes. The community now can see and understand, some take their responsibilities to take children with disabilities to school. 

E:\students photos dec 2021\IMG_2591.JPG

Two students, volleyball players from Huruma (Yohana and Julius) were selected to join national team to participate in Special Olympic for East Africa that will take place in Rwanda June 2022. We are proud that our students are capable of participating at national level for international games. 

We also managed to train successful two students in life skills and we expect to see those joining higher vocational skills in Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA). We secured vacancy for these two of our students to join VETA training center. We shared with their parents and we hope parents will support them to pursue vocational skills at VETA centers. The following students are the ones we expect to join VETA next year 2022.

We keep local chicken now. We started with four chickens, after reproducing we have now more than 20 chickens. We expect to have more than 40 chicken by the year 2022. The thing we need to do now is to improve chicken shed. We use this project as a class too, students learns how to clean chicken shed etc.

E:\students photos dec 2021\IMG_2976.JPG

Rachael (7years girl on a wheelchair), a student with physical disability. Rachael enrolled at Huruma 2020; she likes school and is very happy at school. She understand different things now like, house, cow, goats, pencil, bed, chair etc. She can point them if drawn on a paper. She cannot speak but she understand and follow instructions, she has an idea of numbers. Rachel is learning numbers 1-5 now. This is a great step for her compared to last year. Through physiotherapy exercises every day at school, she can now stand up with assisting object for at least 20 minutes.

We have now a TV, every Wednesday in religion period students gets 10 minutes to watch TV a lesson taught by a teacher (Teacher Thereza teaches religion)

E:\Students photo Sept 2021\IMG_1931.JPG

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