December 2021

Dear Friends of Huruma,    Heri ya Krismas! Blessed Christmas!  

Our holiday wishes for you are many.  Secure in the love God has shown us in the birth of Jesus, may you be energetic in working for justice, generous in sowing kindness, and generous toward the suffering and those bound by various limitations of their freedom.  May you enjoy the confidence that you are loved just as you are!

Know that our gratitude for your  support of Huruma students is boundless.  Because of you they  enjoy companionship, the satisfaction of continued academic and physical growth, the safety of face masks and transportation,  the dedication of their teachers and the pride of their families.  None of these would they experience without Huruma.

Picture what these children would likely be experiencing without Huruma. No wheelchair, no companionship – other children being afraid of them, no shoes, no physical therapy, no mental stimulation – most homes have only one book, a Bible – no paper – no pencil or crayons or scissors, no encouragement to try to dress themselves, to drink a cup of uji by themselves, no hope for a useful future;  daily awareness of being a burden on their family, of having nothing to contribute.

All of that changes with enrollment at Huruma.  Here Emanuel wears a school uniform and receives an education appropriate to his abilities. He attains confidence that he is like others his age with hopes for a future.  His friend, Daudi, works on math problems.  With that he will be able to run errands for his parents, be trusted to bring home purchases and accurate change.  Now he contributes to his family. Students learn by playing games. In contrast to most Tanzanian schools, Huruma teachers utilize manipulatives.

Huruma students have completed another school year and are enjoying time with their families.  Because of your financial support, they are confident that Huruma will welcome them again in January 2022.  But we need your continued support to meet our commitments through the next school year.  Please consider making another tax deductible donation before the end of 2021. 

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